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Hello! How's your winter holidays? Mine were almost fully dedicated to the relaxation and planning. Some interesting ideas came up and I am looking forward to try them out!

So the first one is to give to the world more without any particular reason. And to proceed it I've decided to share with some of the useful or fun materials I personally use.

In January there are the pages for planning and organising your routine. A lot of these done on the base of my organizer (year 2013; maybe some of you even remember it), but that orginizer was completely individual and was edited almost every month so I did not want to make any adjustment and share. This month I've found out that all of my print files are left on the old pc so I've made it from the scratch one more time. I've simplified a lot and it came up quite universal.

So what would you get?

1. Page ‘This year I certainly will’ with cute cat ears. It's like a contract that you can sign with yourself and promise to do whatever thing you hope for. Ten main goals of the year.

2. Calendar for a month planner. Date are blank.

3. Week planner. Every day is divided into four parts - morning, noon, evening and results.

4. Page foe everyday planning. It's very helpful for self-control. Write down the tasks on the right; day scedule is above. Empty space is for the notes.

5. Page to control the 365 days project (this year it's 366) or just to tick that you've made your morning exercise.
6. Table for the plans. In the book 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman the author recommends to part the activity into six zones and to plan it for the next three days.

Let's sum up. PDF-file with six greyscale pages will be available for downloads 'till the February. I've printed this on A4 paper.
You can download it here.

Note 1. You can edit it for yourself I don't mind. File was made with Adobe Illustrator CC. I used Goggle-font - Amatic.

Note 2. Remember that by downloading the file you're agree that it's only for personal use. Commercial use and distribution is forbidden.

Hope it will be helpful and useful to you all!

Publication date: 
Tuesday, 12 January, 2016 - 18:15