Bye-bye 2015. Year summary and results.

Happy New year!

Happy New year! Today is January, 2 and it's time sum up the year results of 2015. The year was suprisingly difficult and unbelievably marvelous. This blog post brings up the results of our constant trips and movements. It is more like a story about past year than the simple list of achievements.

It was very calm and isolated period (and actually social isolation was my trend of the year). In the end of 2014 we moved to the huge house in the contryside and lived there three monthes. It's very difficult to imagine more relaxing and regular life. We were making wooden furniture, painting the walls, cleaning all the garbage after construction work, baking beautiful desserts and raising our young maine coon cat. Micha now can execute the commands 'sit' and 'give paw'. It's very cute :)
I draw a lot with markers and watercolors and worked with microstocks. It was a good year for stocks. Lots of free time. Portfolio has become better and bigger and the earnings were quite stable and in fact doubled during the year.

In the end of March we swapped the living places with the Andrew's parents and moved back to Kharkiv apartment. The period of diploma work has begun. There were lots of little problems and other university stuff. And it was suprisingly pleasant. I had the balance between social life and work.
In the end of May I had begun the 365-project. I can say for that time it was like the magic pill from boredom and sadness. It would be really depressing to graduate and have nothing to do at all!

After the graduation we moved to Kursk, Russia to Andrew's relatives. Beloved cat was left with parents. And that season of the year was the most difficult and weird. Almost like beyond time and space. We were working and at the same time we felt that not at all. I remember only garden works, aunt's cooking masterpieces, noise behind the window and stifling heat. We were in Moscow for a couple of days and suddenly in August went to Kemer, Turkey. Trip has charged us with energy, granted the feeling of lightness and presented the salt for the hair which I could not wash away for weeks. Hot, annoying people,but at the same time unbelievably beautiful sky and very clean and warm sea.
We were back to Kursk but not for a long time and in a month moved to Saint Petersburg.
Also this summer I decided to move my blog from LJ to standalone website. Really 'alone' and the website is still under construction but this step was needed and very important. I have lost the motivation and energy to do all the things in the world. I've reduced the quantity of social medias I am in.

End of september. Saint Petersburg. Very soviet looking rented appartment. Micha [the cat] is finally with us, he is calm and loving. Once again we needed to arrange our life, to survive the lack of dishes, furniture and some clothes (the delivery company lost my new leather high boots), to get used to the old gas stove and oven which burned almost every meal and the sofa which is horrible to sleep on. Before New Year I've socialized with people two times in two months. The cat learned to sit on the chair (yeap, the whole year he thought that he is the giant and it's impossible).

And when the everyday life became stable I went to Kharkiv for two weeks and it was amasing time filled with fun, games, friends, family, education lections about design and graphics. I've realised the the city [Saint Petersburg] is making my life much more difficult, for example, I slept for night hours and did not want to wake up at all when the world is so interesting and the life is deep. So I went back with the strong idea that I need to make at least a little steps to become better.

I was back and it was already December. I've enrolled in the webdesign course. I've change my work PC and it changed my daily routines (cause we have only one powerful machine for two people). I've came up with the general education plan for the future year or so. I've realised that I have a big need for the organisational projects. I was really bad in social life. I need the balance and I'll try to seek it in the 2016.

[Also! Have you noticed that the year was devided into four periods of 12 weeks (not the seasons I mean)? I really think that it's not a coincidence and I need to pay more attention to the idea of the 12-week year more consciously].

So, a little list to sum up:

  1. Traveling. We have a living space for the nearest future, at list fot the first half of the year. We've settled in Saint Petersburg and it's cool. Difficult but cool. In summer we went to Turkey and saw the sea for the first time in the few years.
  2. Education. I've graduated with speacialist degree in architecture (which actually exists only in Ukraine, haha) and I think I would be ok if I dropped out after the BA two years ago but whatever. In the end of the year enrolled in the webdesign course and will proceed in it in January and February.
  3. Work. Microstock machine is working and stable, but the earnings in current situation are rather low. In the Shutterstick portfolio there are 1842 vectors and illustrations and also 5 footages. Cat fotage was even a bit popular. I've finally opened the shops on the Creative market and Spoonflower. Made a few comission works for the food industry.
  4. Blog. I've writed very seldom, moved from LJ, designed a website, then redesigned it and now I'm waiting when the magic happens and it will become beautiful. In the begining of the year I made two wip videos for my youtube-channel. I'll make more! It brings a lot of fun! My IG is filled with pattern designs and I don't know whether it's good or not, but this is the way it is, the way I am. I don't have a lot of occasions for photos.
  5. 365 patterns. Project has overcome the mark of 200 designs. It was very energetic and live, but now I have a little bit less of enthusiasm. But there are still lots of pics that surprise me and make me happy. Without everyday responsability to draw it would be much worse.
  6. Languages. I've practiced polish and german while playing videogames - it's super fun and easy way to improve understanding and to get used to a language. Try it! My blog is now bilingual (also in russian). It's hard and very time-consuming but useful and fun! Also I've read some books in english (but finished only one, yeap)
  7. Literature, films and games. Entertainment also can be a reason to have the best and lows. I wanted to read more and it turned out that actually I've read less. There are only 13 books on my list. Shame on me. I've read Marcian before the film's premiere and also liked Fvonk by Erlend Loe, Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and the Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski (finally started the witcher series, yes!)
    I don't have the film list but I don't need it to name the Star Wars the best movie for me this year. Yes, it's very Disney but it's better to have Disney Star Wars than no Star Wars at all. I liked it. Marcian was good but a bit disappointing. Also I watched lots of TV-series (korean, japanese and spanish). I like how it shows the mentality of the countries.
    Games… after we moved to Russia I have lots of them. Like in ten times more. [because it's cheaper in russian Steam] I've played Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 and Civilization V. But there were so much more awesome stories, strategies, rpgs. Very good year! Board games won a special place in my life - Ekivoki with friends and Tokaido for the New year are just the best.

Well, that's all! I hope that your New Year celebration was great, lots of awesome stuff happend to you in 2015 and you have lots of plans for 2016! Do you have your New year's resolution? I am still in process but I hope that the next year will be one great adventure!

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Saturday, 2 January, 2016 - 15:45