Bookworming. Book plans in 2016

Every year I sum up my book results and making a list for the future year

Every year I sum up my book results and making a list for the future year. It's simply for fun. This little tradition helps me to trace my interests in different periods and to note why i liked or dropped certain book.

Last year was very good in lots of ways but not in the field of book reading. Maybe that's because in a particular moment reading became really boring and there was not any breathtaking stories or discoveries. But the good part is now I am really comfortable with reading in English (my mother tongues are russian and ukrainian), I adapt quickly and do not feel any discomfort. Though I don't fast enough.

Well. I belive that with the goal and workable plan I can overcome this little crysis.

Goal is to read 50 books which is actually one book a week (if we do not count holidays).

Plan and organization. Usually I make mindmaps instead of reading lists with the help of and set them as a wallpaper on my laptop (to set some motivational stuff as a wallpaper is always a good idea). The books I've read I add to the ordinary list, sometimes write short reviews and update the profile on goodreads and livelib.

On my map where are already 36 books devided into three obvious categories - non-fiction, fiction, science fiction and fantasy. I don't want to make a really serious duty out of the project so I left some space for spontaneous decisions.

I want to read books by beloved authours and at the same time something really new. Traditionall among favourites there are Loe, Peres-Reverte, Rowling, King etc. I also really hoping to finish Lord of the Rings, Song of Ice and Fire (almost done, yey!), Kingkiller Chronicles...

Every week I have one day off which is exclusively for reading. I just turn off the laptop, ipad and iphone and lay on the couch with my good old reader. Reading, writing and doing all the other leisure activities. And you know, from the psychological side it is a complete pleasure. One day of the week I am not in hurry. I do not think about all the projects and all the little things I must do. Life is getting a bit simplier and more enjoyable.

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Monday, 18 January, 2016 - 20:30