365 patterns - drawing patterns every day. Week 50.

I was asked how I am coming up with the ideas for my pattern designs. Seriously it's a very difficult question. After all this project is not commercial or social. It does not have any big idea that sums up all the works and it has no intention to prove anytthing. It's very personal - I just draw anything that comes to my mind. On the 50th week I drew patterns with socks and turtles just because I found it's fun and cute. Nothing else.

Different trinagle this with is just experiments with the form. Just to find out how it will look like. Blue one was not suppose to be about triangles at all, but I've messed up with the construction and decided to leave this as it is.

And it's worth to note that a lot of pattern are just don't come out as they are supposed to be. Because the format of the project does not allow to work on one piece for a week. I draw, I fail, I note the problems and mistakes for myself and I draw different one.

And there is absolutely nothing to say abot the experiments with the scripts. It's like a game with the form and exercise with the color. That's simple.

Publication date: 
Monday, 30 May, 2016 - 12:45