365 patterns - drawing patterns every day. Week 21.

drawing patterns every day

The week was very promising at first and had to be all about watercolor patterns. But I caught a cold on the weekends and my desire for work ended quite fast. I was lying in bed for two days and did not do anything at all.

However I like the first watercolor pattern of the week with magic mushrooms so much. It's a bit like a fairy tale. Certainly I'll make something like this again in the future.

And this one is like little floral stars.

After such depressing days I started to work againg very slowly and changed the theme of the patterns. After all the geometric patterns is a lot easier and faster to make and they do not really require any special inspiration or ideas. I just did the work until it became pretty enough for me.

At the same time I've started to learn digital painting in Adobe Photoshop (again! and I'll tell about it sometime) and now I am trying to keep the balance between two very different approaches in art. PS is taking a lot of my time that could be spent on the vector projects but I just can't stop for now and leave it aside.

The last illustration of the week - winter - is the first in the series about four seasons of the year. It was not planned at all and it's in the very different style for me, but these patterns are turning out really cute and funny.

Publication date: 
Friday, 16 October, 2015 - 15:30